Tobacolor Solid Perfume


Είναι ένα ζεστό, φρουτώδες (ροδάκινο & δαμάσκηνο) γλυκό και πολύ καπνιστό άρωμα.

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Στην οικογένεια των αρωμάτων απο Dior Tobacolor unisex Solid Perfume

Presented in 2021

It is a warm, fruity (peach & plum) sweet and very smoky aroma. The smokiest aroma we have ever tasted. The opening is fruity and unique. A wonderful warm scent for tobacco lovers for fall and winter. It opens with smoke but not the strong or ashy type of smoke but the fresh leaf. Immediately fresh peaches and some plums combined with bright honey give the scent a sweet fruity character. At the base you can still smell hints of tobacco and the sweetness is prominent but a sort of spicy/nutty accords slowly join in! Amber in the base which adds depth making it a little more masculine! There's a touch of citrus scent that adds a bit of freshness.

  • Top notes snuff, snuff leaf, honey, Tobacco, plum
  • Middle notes white snuff, peach, spices
  • Nότες βάσης               Κεχριμπάρι, Εσπεριδοειδή

Now "the scent LAB" fragrances can go wherever you go. Your favorite fragrance is also available in a solid form that literally melts on the skin. Packaged in lightweight metal.

Simply warm the fragrance with your fingers, apply to your pulse points, hair or hands and you are ready.


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