Solid Perfume Gentleman edp Reserve Privée


Μια γλυκιά, βουτυρώδης, κρεμώδης και ξυλώδης απόλαυση!

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Παρουσιάστηκε το 2022

It's absolutely amazing! It's a beautiful iris scent. The combination of bergamot, iris, whiskey, chestnut and wood is amazing. A sweet, buttery, creamy and woody delight will go perfectly for office or date night. As this scent would definitely be for the cooler months, it also has a beautiful aromatic nature that would be gorgeous even on hot summer nights.

  • Νότα κορυφής     Περγαμόντο
  • Middle notes iris and chestnut
  • Whisky Base Notes, Wood Notes and Amber

Now "ETHERIO scent LAB" perfumes can go wherever you go. Your favorite fragrance is also available in a solid form that literally melts on the skin. Packaged in lightweight metal.

Simply warm the fragrance with your fingers, apply to your pulse points, hair or hands and you are ready.


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