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A bright symphony of finger lime, incense and artemisia opens this woody amber scent. The elegant heart combines a floral bouquet with cedar, agarwood and sandalwood, enchanted by the spices. The warm and enveloping awakening diffuses the power of smoke and amber.

  • Top notes - incense, finger lime, iris, artemisia
  • Middle notes - Cedar, sandalwood, woody wood, marine notes, floral bouquet
  • Base notes - cinnamon, saffron, cumin, dry amber, grey amber, tobacco, vanilla, seaweed, tonka

*The "parfum" product contains 30% fragrance oil.

*The product "eau de parfum" contains 20% fragrance oil.

*All our products are made to order, we do not keep products in stock.

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  1. Δημητριος Κ. (confirmed purchase)

    Δυνατό ξυλωδες κ ίσως πιο θηλυκό

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  2. Yana Nalbantova (confirmed purchase)


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  7. Αλεξάνδρα Φριτζαλά (confirmed purchase)

    Το προτείνω σε όσους αγαπούν τα έντονα αρώματα.Επίσης έχει διάρκεια μεγάλη!!!!

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  8. Δη ΒΑΛΙΝΟΥ (confirmed purchase)

    Το περίμενα καλύτερο.Και θα ήθελα να είχε έστω και ένα δείγμα μέσα.

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